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Exploration → Synthesis → Insight

Research is becoming increasingly cross-disciplinary and the ability to discover and synthesize multiple sources of information is critical. Simiary builds intelligent exploratory search software that automatically parses, organizes, and presents diverse scholarly products enabling search from multiple domain perspectives. This allows you to discover relevant information quicker and find connections in order to make new insights.

For Researchers

With thousands of articles and data sets being published weekly, how do you cut through the noise, make sense of what is out there, and apply existing knowledge effectively? Our intelligent research agents are on the case augmenting how you search for information and do your research. For researchers wanting to analyze their own collections, we provide a means for you to understand trends, discover patterns, and explore knowledge in your unstructured data. Our exploratory search tools enable you to collaborate on and share the knowledge discovery process.

Use cases:

  • An environmental scientist studying carbon sequestration who wants to find relevant literature and data for specific regions of the world.
  • A digital humanities researcher who wants to understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of a topic in a large corpus of documents.
  • A medical researcher who wants to search through thousands of reports on a condition in physiological context.

For Publishers and Institutions

Create unique search interfaces that will drive traffic because they become indispensible tools for researchers to effectively navigate your collections.

Observe how users interact with your content in an exploratory search context, so you can learn more nuanced information about what content matters to researchers, and for what purpose users are searching.

By automatically organizing diverse content into domain-based contexts, your authors can reach a much wider audience of readers spanning across multiple disciplines.


Pteraform Explorer

Pteraform Explorer complements the analytics with custom interactive search engines that allow for exploration of content through multiple contextual lenses. See as a demonstration of the explorer technology applied to geographic exploratory search.

Pteraform Analytics

Pteraform Anaytics comprises a set of API services that help you ingest large quantities of unstructured research documents and data descriptions, and a multi-domain analysis toolkit that provides ways to summarize, visualize, and semantically organize your content.